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Matching Buyer and Sellers

One of the challenges of the precious stone market is the day you buy and the day you sell your gems.  Gems have always been a safe asset class and grow in value year after year.  However, the buyers and sellers are a certain segment of the public that actively participate in this market.

The introduction of cryptocurrency has brought more buyer and sellers to this network.  Cryptocurrency is gaining in popularity and we estimate that cryptocurrency will become an increasing part of trading and acquisitions.

For those looking to purchase investment grade gems, we start a process to find the best investment choices.  For those looking to sell, we anticipate that the process can take weeks and months depending on market conditions.  

We offer other concepts when it comes to the best way to maximize the value of gems in hand.  We generally do not handle jewelry as such.  Our interest is in natural, precious stones.


Gold and GemsAre precious gems a good investment?  Yes, but it helps to think generationally.  For example, precious gems have no title and are easy passed to the next generation.  They can be leveraged as collateral, pledged, or used to boost portfolios.

Gems compare favorably to gold and silver.  Gems are far more portable and a few ounces of gems can be valued well above the weight of bars of gold bullion.  Precious gems are not only beautiful, they are generational wealth and an asset that never drops in value.  However, there comes a time when it is wise to sell, and finding qualified buyers can be difficult.  That is where my services are employed.

When properly held, the lack of title, portability, and ease of transfer can provide a safe haven for anyone in case of divorce, lawsuits, and other legal issues.  Gems provide the ultimate in privacy.  As long as the owner safely secures the gems, there is no paper trail or discoverable assets.

When it comes to taxation, gems offer some tax options that may reduce tax liabilities.  This comes from tax deferral, leveraging, and non-cash transactions.  All these ideas should be under the advice of your advisors.

Certified and graded gems are asset that can provide the leverage for loans or assets for your business.  They are legitimate collateral.  For the bright business person, these assets are as good as money in the bank.  Gems may also be used for actual purchases that may defer the profit declaration until a future date.

Owning precious gems is not best employed for speculation.  Short-term investing in gems is always a long-term consideration.  Regardless of what you may read or hear, do not think of gems as some way to realize quick gains.  Good gems grow year-by-year in value, but rarely take a fast upward path.

The global gemstones market is being driven by the rising living standards. Aided by the technological advancements, the market is expected to witness a healthy growth in the forecast period of 2023-2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.8%.  The fact is that there is a limited supply of precious gems and some mines are playing out.  Using the well-known "Law of Supply and Demand", it appears that the growth of precious stones will continue well into the future.  A luxury item is meant for personal appreciation as well as an enduring asset.  

Precious gems are a hard asset meaning they have a known and assessed value.  As a hard asset that has a known and historic value, gem owners possess a stable asset unaffected by financial policies, inflation, and market manipulation.  Holding gems should be considered a portfolio of assets that will appreciate and resist negative markets.  They can be leveraged and used in a variety of ways that represent more than their current value.


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