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Smart Investing in Precious Gems

Is buying the TOP GEMS a good investment?  Basically, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are good investments.  The rub happens when you want to liquidate the gems.  Those buying high-quality and high-value gems are a very select market that only a few an effectively navigate.  Our program offers a "Can't Miss Opportunity" that assures anyone buying our emeralds or sapphires that we will buy back the gems for more than the purchase price.  You won't find this offer anywhere else.  In addition, our customers buy the highest quality certified gems at the wholesale price, but will have the opportunity to sell it back to us at anytime as long as the gem is in the same condition. (See Terms & Conditions)


One unique offer that may be included in the purchase of our IGG gems is that profit-sharing option where the buy-back price is established on a six, twelve, and twenty-four month cycle.  In these cases, the future price is set at the time of your purchase with no variables other than your safe-keeping duties (see terms and conditions).  At the stated period of time, IGG will buy back the gem at the preset price regardless of market value.  This offer is determined at the time of purchase.  The buyer may at any time up to the buy-back date opt to keep the gem or renegotiate the terms of the buy-back agreement.  We do offer a "Safe Keeping Receipt" (SKR) if the buyer wishes to store the gem under our care.

SECURITY:  The ability to hold the asset means that our customers have excellent security for their purchases.  In addition, those who buy a gem from IGG may elect to set up the buy-back provision that assures profitability with minimal risk.

All of our gems are TRUE EARTH-SOURCED, Highest Quality gems that are valued according to the International Gem Society guide.  They are certified and professionally appraised.  Regardless of the outstanding quality of our gems, we solve the biggest question for those buying assets for financial security and asset growth.  We will buy back the original gem at a profit to our customers.

NO, we do not buy gems from those of you desperate to sell your gems.  In most cases, the gems are over-prices, lesser quality, and often lab-grown (worthless).  Earth-sourced gems are valuable because they are natural and rare.  Lab grown diamonds and sapphires cannot fool a serious jeweler and gemologist.  It won't be long until lab-grown diamonds will flood the market and be worthless except for costume jewelry.  Remember the boasts of cubic zirconium?  Fake or lab-grown gems will eventually over-populate the low-end market and premium gems will hold their value.  It is any low-cost imitation can never compete with the true (more scarce) commodity.  You already know that a Bentley or Jaguar is not losing value year after year like a Ford or Chevy.  

Beware of cheap gem offers.  True precious gems hold their value and underpriced Internet gem offers are most often ripoffs.  Offers of low priced GIA certified gems can be "Bait and Switch" offers that are foreign groups pretending to be U.S. based.  If you take these low-priced gems to any jewelry the next day, you will quickly learn that you will never turn a profit from these gems.  However, they can be made into costume jewelry, but then why not buy the jewelry anyway?

Large Gem Assessments


Gold and GemsAre precious gems a good investment?  Yes, high-quality precious gems will always be worth a good value.  The top gems are Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds.  These are always in demand and the bigger the gem size and quality, the more it is worth.  Smart buyer know that the more scarce a gem may be, the greater the value.  We suggest that the serious gem buyer start at minimum to $100,000 to get into the "Profit Zone" for our customers.

It is important to understand that precious gems, like gold or real estate, should be viewed as a long-term strategy.  This is not for short-term speculation.  That is why it is important to study what the rich and powerful already know.  Holding appreciating assets is used for leverage, portfolio building, tax planning, multi-generational wealth, and for exchange in non-cash transaction or security on loans.  These options aren't available for small assets.  Read More

ALTERNATIVE BUY-BACK OPTION:  We know that there are a number of people looking to buy gems for a profit but lack the expertise or market reach to accomplish this task.  And, there are many scam operations selling fake and over-rated gems to ill-informed customers.  Investment Grade Grade has a unique position in the market as a true Mine-to-Customer service without the intervening steps of brokers that run up the price.

Investment Grade Gems offers the only program that will "Buy Back Your IGG Gem" at a pre-determined profit.  This means that it is possible to remove the worst risks from the purchase and sale of your gems.  

The Buy-Back option is simple.  At the time of purchase, the purchaser can select the period of time for redemption (Buy-Back) and IGG will agree to buy the gem back at the predetermined price (see our Terms page).  At end of the redemption period, the purchase of the IGG gem my choose to keep the gem, sell it back at the pre-determined price, or renegotiate another Buy-Back term.  

Owning precious gems is not best employed for casual speculation.  Gem experts play at a far higher level where the gains are not a mere 4-5% annual appreciation.  In the hands of experts, millions can be made in just one deal.  Our program opens the door to serious gains without knowing the ins and outs of this amazing industry.

The global gemstones market is being driven by the rising living standards. Aided by the technological advancements, the market is expected to witness a healthy growth in the forecast period of 2023-2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.8%.  The fact is that there is a limited supply of precious gems and some mines are playing out.  Using the well-known "Law of Supply and Demand", it appears that the growth of precious stones will continue well into the future.  A luxury item is meant for personal appreciation as well as an enduring asset.  

Precious gems are a hard asset meaning they have a known and assessed value.  As a hard asset that has a known and historic value, gem owners possess a stable asset unaffected by financial policies, inflation, and market manipulation.  Holding gems should be considered a portfolio of assets that will appreciate and resist negative markets.  They can be leveraged and used in a variety of ways that represent more than their current value.


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