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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Investment Grade Gems is a gem importer with its own mines, gem-cutting labs, and distribution system.  When buying a gem, the buyer should be aware of the benefits and liabilities that come with gem ownership.  The safe-keeping and care of a purchased gems is 100% the duty of the purchaser during the period of ownership or possession.

  1. Investment Grade Gems are not responsible for the loss, damage, or degradation of any gem while the gem is in the possession of the purchaser.  Please consider proper storage of your gems and the use of an insurance policy to protect it from theft or catastrophe.
  2. The purchase of a gem from Investment Grade Gems comes with the assurance that the gem can be returned in its original condition for resale through our marketing efforts.  A 10% resale fee is assessed on the resale of the gem with 90% of the purchase price paid to the seller.
  3. The "Buy-Back Offer" is a separate agreement made by Investment Grade Gems to repurchase the gems at a pre-determined time at a pre-determined price.  This offer will vary based upon the factors of each sale.  The buy-back price is not influenced by the market value.
  4. The Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) is offered at a fee when a gem qualifies under the terms of our company and the insurance provider are met.  This service is available to gems, gold, and precious metals offered by Investment Grade Gems or accepted under the Safe Keeping criteria of our company.
  5. Note than any and all gems are subject to market variations and unique market opportunities as high-value assets.  Prices will vary and speculation may produce sizable ROI or disappointment due to market trends.
  6. GIA registration and laser inscription is recommended on any gem that is purchased or sold.  The cost is modest and assures future buyers of the integrity of the gem and prevents various forms of fraud. 
  7. Investment Grade Gems do not deal in lab-grown gems as we anticipate that such stones will over-populate the market and eventually decline in value.  Earth-grown gems of extraordinary size and quality are on the level of fine art by virtue of rarity, history, and unique qualities.



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